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Each piece in the Soup Studios collection undergoes a series of detailed steps before completion.

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The Story Behind Soup Studios

Jamie Vovedish, founder of Soup Studios Pottery in Athens, GA Jamie Voivedich, founder of Soup Studios Pottery

As a young child, Jamie Voivedich, the founder of Soup Studios, had a great affinity for soup, and asked for it at every meal. What started as a family joke turned into a life-long nickname. There is no doubt “Soup” is easier to spell than “Voivedich”. In the fall of 2000, as Jamie was founding her pottery studio, it was obvious which name would stick, and Soup Studios was born.

Jamie’s educational background is as eclectic as her work. She studied Interior Design at the Auburn University School of Architecture (BID). Jamie took a job in Knoxville,TN building a model of the city for a non-profit architecture firm. She loved being out of the office (and not having to wear stuffy office clothes), making her own schedule, and most of all getting her hands dirty. Once the model was complete, instead of putting on those stuffy office clothes and sitting behind a desk Jamie decided to go back to school and study art, which is what she probably should have done in the first place. She studied ceramics at the University of Georgia (BFA) and went on for her master’s at Temple University in Philadelphia (MFA). She moved straight back to the south where she belongs, and started her own studio.

Linda Voivedich Linda Voivedich, Jamie’s studio worker bee/mom

Jamie made lots of pots from 2000 to 2005 with some help from her dear friend and worker bee Crystal Wooten. In August of 2005 Jamie’s parents lost their home in hurricane Katrina. They packed up all the wet stuff they could salvage and the dog and moved to Athens. Now Jamie’s momma is the worker bee, even though she quits every other day, she keeps coming back for more! She helps out at shows selling lots of pots, does all the staining, rolls all the slabs for the holiday ornaments, and helps glaze them too! She insists on feeding the cats that come around to visit even though they already have homes.